Course on Microwave Link Engineering

Torino (Italy)  -  November  17-22, 2014

The Course (3 to 6-days, in a modular format) is designed to meet the needs of both system planning engineers (hop and network design, propagation analysis, performance predictions), and of field and operation engineers (commissioning, installation, and maintenance).   
The first three days ("common path") provide a general overview of design and installation topics; they are self-sufficient if you only require a general overview in both areas. In the fourth and fifth days, the course splits in two parallel sessions, each devoted to a more specialistic presentation of propagation/design and of installation/maintenance topics, respectively.

A Sw tool for MW link design (HERALD Professional) will be used for demonstration and design exercises. The Educational Herald release will be installed on participant's Pc and is included as a part of Course documentation (complete lesson material in pdf files).

Course rates start from Euro 895.00 (3 days, Early Registration).  To be entitled to Early Registration discount, just send a message, where you can add your special requirements. Early registration by October 15 with payment due not later than October 31.
Final deadline  November 7 (registration and payment, full rate).  Additional discount for more than one person from the same company.

For additional assistance on Course rates, deadlines and any other information, please send your message.

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